Business Model

The ARROW business model document outlines a mid- and long-term business model covering the continuation of ARROW from its first phase into the participation of all or a majority of EU Member States.

The business model provides comprehensive information on the organisational background and its value propositions to its main customers. It also describes its business architecture before finally addressing the funding model and budget.

As per the document, “The ARROW infrastructure will be organised as a federated rather than a centralised system. It will be a network of resources, accessible from a single access point. Because of its network nature, the ARROW system consists also of a set of relationships with other players. ARROW needs the involvement of such key players in its governance and to design stable contractual agreements with third parties that are crucial to provide the service (e.g. The European Library, VIAF, Books in print providers, RROs). The relationship with other entities is likely to take the form of a network of contractual links, which will constitute yet another cost category”.

The ARROW business model also suggests the finance and budget guidelines as per the current stage of the project. The project consortium has proposed a simplified model for public funding from the European Commission and EU member states, especially when there are digitization projects foreseen in EU Member States. This proposal will be enriched after gathering additional experience from ARROW Plus, which is the agreed extension to the original ARROW project.

The full document can be downloaded here.

The executive summary of the Business Model is available here.


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