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ARROW Data Mining Developments at the 17th International Conference TPDL

One of the latest ARROW System developments will be discussed at the 17th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries held on the 22nd – 26th of September 2013 in Malta.

Nuno Freire, Interoperability Architect at The European Library, will present his paper Word Occurrence Based Extraction of Work Contributors from Statements of Responsibility. Freire’s paper explains the development of a system that extracts the names of contributors of a work contained in the free text strings of a bibliographic record, in addition to the contributors’ names extracted from the structured data fields of the record.

As a result of this new technique, ARROW is now able to more effectively identify the rightholders of a book, thus improving the process when determining the copyright status of a work. This is one of the many ongoing developments to improve the ARROW System.

Freire will present his paper on the 24th September during the conference session devoted to mining and extraction technologies.

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Photo: Veraliah Bueno
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Photo: Veraliah Bueno
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