ARROW Project Public Reports & Deliverables

D1.5 ARROW Public Report (PDF)

D1.10 Annual Report (PDF)

D1.14 Final Report (PDF)

D3.1 Report on legal framework (PDF)

D3.1 Addendum (PDF)

D3.2.1 Guidelines for the Definition of Orphan Works (PDF)

D3.2.2. Evaluation of compliance of arrow workflow with HLG guidelines (PDF)

D3.3.1 Guidelines for clearance mechanisms for out of print works (PDF)

D3.3.2 Correspondence of ARROW infrastructure with Rights Clearance Centres (RCC) and the needs of their users and rightholder requirements (PDF)

D3.4 Report on business models (PDF)

D3.5 Report on legal framework Ed.2 (PDF)

D3.6 Report on business models Ed.2 (PDF)

Business Models Executive Summary (PDF)

ARROW Business Model (PDF)

D4.1 State of the art and guidelines for standards applicable (PDF)

D4.1 Annex I. Standards applicable in the framework of digitisation programmes (PDF)

D4.2 Guidelines for Technical Interoperability (PDF)

D4.3.1 Specification of rights expression metadata (PDF)

D4.3.1 ARROW message schemas Alpha (WinZip)

D4.3.2. Specification for messaging formats (PDF)

D4.3.2 ARROW message schemas (WinZip)

D4.3.2 ANNEX I ARROW Message Definitions version 0.25 (PDF)

D4.3.2 ANNEX II ARROW Glossary of terms (PDF)

D4.4 State of the art and guidelines on applicable standards Ed.2 (PDF)

D5.1 Analysis of bibliographic resources and clearing mechanisms existing in Europe (PDF)

D5.2 Specification of Rights Information Infrastructure V1.0 (PDF)

D6.2 Registry of Orphan Works Management System (PDF)

D6.3 System for redirection to clearing mechanisms (PDF)

D6.4 Rights information infrastructure - 2nd release (PDF)


The ARROW system works and it is fully implemented in 9 countries, while an additional 7 countries are in an advanced implementation stage
ARROW Plus consortium partners reunited for their General Meeting
ARROW being considered for Hungarian digitization project
An update on the Books in Print development in the ARROW Plus project was given
ARROW System developments to be discussed at the 17th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries
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ARROW Plus is a Best Practice Network selected under the Competitiveness and innovation framework programme